SM-finalen Innebandy

The world's biggest floorball event!

SM-finalen Innebandy

The Swedish Super League for women and men is undoubtedly the world's best leagues – the best players in the best teams. Now it's clear that the highlight of the floorball season will take place on virgin ground at Friends Arena!

The final day includes two Swedish Championship (SM) finals, and the goal is to break the world record for attendance at a floorball match!


This is what many have been looking forward to the entire season – the world's largest floorball event. The SM final attracts spectators from all over Sweden and is a full-day experience for all kinds of people. The final on both the women's and men's sides is decided in one match, on the same day, and always provides thrilling drama.

Dates & times

  • Saturday
    April 27, 2024

    • 11:00 AM

Before the visit

Before the visit

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