eCarExpo 2024

Europe's largest electric car fair

eCarExpo 2024

Europe's largest electric car fair is finally back!

At eCarExpo in Friends Arena on February 2–4, 2024, the very latest in electric cars, charging solutions, and energy sources will come together – the ultimate venue for all electric car and electrification enthusiasts!

Unique to eCarExpo is the opportunity not only to see and compare electric cars from multiple manufacturers but also to test drive them right on the spot. Here, you can also experience premieres of the latest electric cars and see unique concept cars!

eCarExpo also serves as a knowledge hub, where the country's foremost experts in electrification and energy share their expertise and future perspectives through inspiring lectures and seminars. Learn everything about solar cells, batteries, and electric car charging and stay fully updated on the latest technology.

For detailed information about the electric cars available for test driving and the exciting stage program, visit the official website of eCarExpo.

Since its start in 2016 in Sweden, eCarExpo has established itself as Europe's largest electric car fair and has evolved into a meeting place and trading platform for the entire infrastructure behind electrification – both for companies providing charging for vehicles and energy companies ensuring that we receive power from various sustainable sources.

Dates & times

  • Sunday
    February 4, 2024

    • 10:00 AM

Before the visit

Before the visit

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