The history behind the name

Swedbank is since 2007 the arenas name sponsor. As a part of the collaboration with the children’s rights organization Friends, Swedbank named the arena Friends Arena in 2012. Swedbank has long been a partner with Friends and are engaged in their work against bullying.

The national arena has thus become a physical manifestation against bullying, and a symbol for the obivous: that no child should be subjected to bullying and disctrimination.


Every year, 140,000 children and young people are exposed to bullying. Together, they would fill the entire Friends Arena more than twice.

To illustrate this, Swedbank, in collaboration with Friends, has implanted a unique work of art at Friends Arena consisting of 25 bronze sculptures, Arenans Barn. Just like the name of the arena, the sculptures are an eternal reminder that no child should have to be subjected to abuse or bullying.

Knowledge bank

Friends has launched the knowledge bank “Agera Alltid” on friends.se. By making knowledge available and giving concrete advice and support, Friends wants to spead a wave of civil courage across Sweden. This gives the opportunity for children, and adults with responsibilities for children, to actively contribute to a society where no child is exposed to bullying.


Friends are for you who need advice and support on issues related to vulnerability, bullying, lonliness and more. You can contact Friends by phone, email and through a form.